My pull list 04/08/15

3 books today and I might pick a couple off of the shelf.

Big Man Plans #2 I really really liked the first issue of Big Man Plans. I love revenge stories and this one seems full of revenge and violence.

Darth Vader #4 I seem to be in the minority but I really like the main Star Wars title better. If my kids weren’t into this book I might entertain dropping it. If for no other reason but to clear up my over crowded pull list a bit.

Deep State #5 I’m not usually into Sci Fi but I like the X-Files vibe of this series. This is the start of a new story arc and it sounds intriguing.

My shop has continuously tried to sell me on The Black Hood series. There were 2 problems however. It was a superhero titles which I generally don’t buy. Plus…and this was a big plus, it’s put out by the Archie publisher. Archie?!? yeah…No thanks. I keep hearing how good this series is however so I think i’m going to give it a try as long as my shop still has both copies on the shelf. Fingers crossed that it’s as good as I keep hearing.

Have a great week and enjoy your comics.

No Mercy #1 review

Americans are privileged. Most us really have no clue just how good we have it until you experience parts of the rest of the world. That American ignorance is front and center and ready to be exploited in No Mercy. A group of ivy league bound college students take a trip abroad to pad their resume’s before the school year starts. For most of these kids it’s their first time out of the country and they’re having the typical spoiled rich kid views. Early on we know things don’t go well for these kids courtesy of a full page spread showing a Facebook post where people are leaving their condolences. The page is very powerful and has an ominous feel.

Their guide for the trip is a nun who drops subtle hints about the possible dangers that lie ahead. At one point she asks for $50 from the groups lead for “toll”. She says that the road is the safest and quickest because “the bandito’s and the local police can’t afford the toll”. You already know bad things are in store for these kids and the moments of foreshadowing are creepy reminders of the turmoil that lays ahead.

One criticism is the hammering home of the stereotypes. One student asks a black student if he is a basketball player. If not a basketball player he must be a football player. You have plenty of typical “dumb college girl types”. And then of course there’s the obviously smart, a little over weight, probably a lesbian girl who is getting picked on. Sometimes I feel like creators try too hard when they’re trying to make a point and this felt like one of those times. I’ll be curious to see how they play this angle as the story goes on but I hope that it’s reeled back in just a little bit. It’s fine if the story is being set but it can be annoying if it continues throughout the remainder of this series. Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitch Planet was a recent example of taking a point and beating it until it was dead.

Overall I loved this first chapter and this should be a worthy addition to your pull list.

**** 4 stars

My Pull list 04/01/15

3 books this week. One new one that I’m really excited about.

Lady Killer 4

What was originally meant to be an 8 issue mini series has really picked up steam and I’m now hearing it will be an ongoing series. I’d glad welcome more of Josie and her adventures. This has been a great book and has really taken off on the secondary market. You can still score reprints but any first prints are probably cost prohibitive at this point. The art is still killer and it’s a fun story making this on the total package.

Dead and the Dying 2

The first issue was extremely long and really promising. The color pallet is still something i’m not sold on but it’s unique and really differentiates this book from other books on your local store’s shelves. The use of old people is interesting especially since it’s old people who have nothing to lose. I fully expect them to play fast and loose with the rules.

No Mercy 1

This was one I had originally decided to pass on. I assumed that monsters of some variety would come and snatch the kids off one by one for a predictable book but I was pleasantly wrong. Reading an interview with De Campi cleared my misconceptions and this became a book that I was really excited for. A group of privileged American Ivy league bound college students take a trip abroad to help build schools before the school year starts. Something bad happens and at least some, if not all, of the kids won’t make it back home. This is all supposed to be real world based and a brutal look at these kids final days. I’m really excited to see where this one goes.

That’s it for this week! Enjoy your comics.

Plunder #1

Pirates!! AAARRRGGGG!!! Shiver me Tim…..wait?!? Not those kind of pirates?

We follow a clan of Somali pirates as they attempt to over take a ship. A ghost ship? A recently abandoned ship?  The mystery unfolds with each page turn. The main protagonist is a young kid named “Translator”. He doesn’t really seem to fit in with the pirates and he take a lot of abuse when he fails to pull the trigger in a fight early on. The pirates here have strange nicknames such as “Internet” and Dead Tooth”. The colorful nicknames were a little jarring at first and took me a few pages to learn who everyone was.

I love the feel of this book. It really has the vibe of a golden age horror book before the comics seal watered everything down. There is lots of blood. Lots of gore. It’s good to see the art work isn’t watered down. If you like some blood with your horror you’ll like this book.

The actual art is decent and you probably won’t love it or hate it. It gets the job done and isn’t lacking.

This issue released with a very sturdy cover. It’s almost more of a card stock instead of the usual paper. I love when comics ship with higher paper quality and the cover was nice for something different. Issue 2 releases today so it’s a perfect time to jump into this 4 part mini series.


My pull list 3/18/15

I missed last week because of some on going family stuff but I’m back and looking forward to another comic reading week.

3 titles for me this week.
Eternal #3. I liked the first issue but not really the 2nd. This is just a 4 part mini series so i’ll stick with it but if it was an ongoing i’d probably be dropping it.

Plunder #2 I missed this one when it was first released. Had my shop order it for me and received issue one last week. Lots of blood and gore!! This one has the feel of the original horror comics before the seal watered them down.

Kitchen #5 A solid series that only has 3 issues left after this. I could still see this one continuing if the sales are there.

That’s it for me, have a great week and enjoy your comics.

My Pull List 3/4/15

I have 2 books this week. One highly anticipated and one series that i’ve fallen in love with.

Lady Killer #3

This series has really taken off. It was kind of a sleeper hit in the beginning and didn’t initially sell out. The art is absolutely fantastic and might be my favorite art of any comic i’m reading right now. Will Josie carry out her orders on cleaning up unfinished business or will she do the right thing? The first 2 issues of this series have become quite the hot commodity with prices of up to $50 online for both issues combined.

Big Man Plans #1

I ordered this series immediately upon seeing the solicitation for it.  I love revenge titles and this one looks great. A little man is sick of being picked on and abused and decides to handle business. I’m excited to see where this one goes.

Men of Wrath #5

Men of Wrath has been a really good ride. A brutal no holds barred book where anything and everything was on the table. Killing kids and babies? Yeah, you can check those off of the list. The story was a gritty one and while there were no good guys to really cheer for I wanted to see Ira’s son put an end to the Rath Family curse.

There’s a lot here as you can imagine and I feel like to say too much would be to spoil the final book. Things wrap up nicely but it does all feel a little anticlimactic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine ending and I really liked the surprise of the final scene. If you’ve enjoyed this book I’m sure you’ll walk away happy enough with the ending.

So that’s it. You can put this chapter to rest. I’m sure we’ll see more Men of Wrath in the future. I read an interview with Jason Aaron and he said he’d be open for more down the road. I’m not exactly sure where he could take it but I’d definitely be ready for another go around.If you haven’t been reading this book then do yourself a favor and pick up the trades when they’re released.

**** 4 stars