My pull list 04/08/15

3 books today and I might pick a couple off of the shelf.

Big Man Plans #2 I really really liked the first issue of Big Man Plans. I love revenge stories and this one seems full of revenge and violence.

Darth Vader #4 I seem to be in the minority but I really like the main Star Wars title better. If my kids weren’t into this book I might entertain dropping it. If for no other reason but to clear up my over crowded pull list a bit.

Deep State #5 I’m not usually into Sci Fi but I like the X-Files vibe of this series. This is the start of a new story arc and it sounds intriguing.

My shop has continuously tried to sell me on The Black Hood series. There were 2 problems however. It was a superhero titles which I generally don’t buy. Plus…and this was a big plus, it’s put out by the Archie publisher. Archie?!? yeah…No thanks. I keep hearing how good this series is however so I think i’m going to give it a try as long as my shop still has both copies on the shelf. Fingers crossed that it’s as good as I keep hearing.

Have a great week and enjoy your comics.


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