My Pull List 02/25/2015

3 books for me this week. I decided to not pick up the 3rd issue of They’re Not Like Us. I’m still on the fence but I wasn’t really enjoying it and I really don’t need another book on my monthly pull. They’re Not Like Us was a weird book to me. There wasn’t really anyone to cheer for. None of the characters were particularly likable. Maybe some of that would change if I gave the book more time but money doesn’t grow on trees and there are too many good books out there to waste my money on a mediocre one.

Darth Vader #2

I didn’t think Darth Vader was as good as Star Wars. It was good but I guess that was to be expected. Star Wars will be the main title and the flagship for the Marvel run. I don’t trust Marvel books all that much so I fully expect these books to go downhill as time goes on but we’ll see. The Star Wars franchise is a very important one so maybe it will be treated differently.

Men of Wrath #5

I’ve really enjoyed my time with Men of Wrath. This is the 5th and final issue and the series will close. I have strong suspicions that it will be back in some form or fashion at some point in the future. Thankfully Southern Bastards will be ongoing and the stories share a lot of common tendencies between the 2 of them.

Criminal one shot: special edition

I wasn’t around in the comics world when the Criminal series was first being written. When the series moved to Image I was thankful that they were re-releasing the TPB versions of the 6 books in the Criminal saga. I’ve pre-ordered each book already and am going to read the series before getting to this one shot. This is a $5 book and it has some heft to it. I won’t be able to review this one for quite awhile since I’m waiting for the other volumes to be released. I really enjoyed the first volume and just got the 2nd in the mail on Tuesday. I’ll get started on that very soon. In the mean time I’m going to put this one shot on the shelf.

Enjoy your week and enjoy your comics.


Bitch Planet #3 review

I was really excited about Bitch Planet when it was first announced. I thought it had a lot of promise and I thought the premise made for a fun story. The first issue had a heavy agenda and they’ve not let their foot off of the gas. Whatever subtlety was there in the first issue was stripped away in the 2nd and 3rd issues. Honestly it’s not enjoyable to me anymore. It’s too much. I don’t even think they’re trying anymore. Issue 3 was the first of their “profile” issues. The plan going forward is 2 months of real story advancing issues and 1 month profiling a character from the series. The profile idea could work if you had an attachment to the character involved. If you’re like me however and had no real emotional tie to the profiled character then the issue fell flat. You could argue that this will help you get to know everyone better and build that deep bond but the writing here got in the way of that. This didn’t really feel like the profile of a character but more like someone wielding a big stick.

We follow Penny’s story here and see how she ended up on “Bitch Planet”. The gist of the story is she was a normal little girl who had her mom taken away by the authorities. She has not lived up to society’s standards and is shun by the average person. She snaps and is then sent away to be reprogrammed. DeConnick has a point to make and she continues to make that point and continues to make that point and continues….You get the idea. You don’t have to think here, she flat-out tells you what you’re supposed to be getting from these pages. This story of Bitch Planet could be so much better if DeConnick would get out-of-the-way and let the reader come to their own conclusions. There’s no magic here, no reason to use your brain after an issue. I’ll be dropping Bitch Planet after this issue (I shop at a small shop who has trouble moving independent titles. I won’t leave them holding a title that they can’t sell so I may be buying at least another issue).

The story that Kelly Deconnick is trying to tell isn’t unimportant. It’s very real problem in our society. Instead of feeling like I’m reading a comic book however, It feels like I’m reading a pamphlet I was given on the street corner. Unfortunately every issue feels more like a rally with little entertainment value.

** 2 stars

My pull list 02/18/15

I have 4 books this week.

Bitch Planet #3

This is a book that i’m not really sure about it. It’s been a little heavy handed with its agenda and I don’t like overly preachy books. It’s message isn’t unimportant but it can really break my focus when you’re constantly being reminded that there is a greater point to the story. There is a fine art to this type of storytelling and Bitch Planet has not nailed it yet.

Eternal #2

I picked up the first issue on a slow week in December. I liked the cover and it was only a 4 issue mini series. If this had been a ongoing I wouldn’t have picked it up but it was worth a flyer for only 4 issues. Most of the world is now clones and the last remaining “pures” are being sought after. It’s interesting even though Sci Fi is out of my normal comfort zone.

Goners #5

I need to go back and read #4 again because I was a little confused after finishing the comic. It was a weird issue and I was lost during part of it. This is another book picked up on a slow week and it would be on the top of my cut list if I decided to drop any books.

Kitchen #4

This will be my favorite book on my list this week. I like the story and now that the men are coming back it could get really interesting. This is an 8 issue mini series and I’ve really enjoyed this one so far.

Have a great week and enjoy your comics.

My pull list 02/11/2015

I have just 2 titles this week. After a heavier week last week i’m back to the normal pull amount,.

Deep State #4. The cosmonaut is terrorizing the town. Branch we putting her life on the line to stop the monster. One issue from the previous comic was relationship between the 2 agents. There is some definite tension between Harrow and Branch. Harrow is definitely wiling to risk a few lives to save the greater good. Branch is still new to the group and hasn’t lost her morals yet. That might be the most promising aspect of the comic.

Darth Vader #1. Star Wars was really good and that convinced me to add Vader into my pull. Exploring the mentality of a super villain is a fascinating exercise and this should be a fun ride. We should be catching Vader at one of his lower points in his life. He should be dark and angry.

This it for me, have a great week and enjoy your comics.

Postal #1

4 star ****

Postal follows the story of a mailman with aspergers in a town that is inhabited by criminals. Eden is a town where the bad people go to start fresh. No crime is allowed in their borders and offenders are punished harshly. Mark, the fore mentioned postman, is a well intending man who would probably be better served keeping out of other people’s business but his disease makes that hard for him. Due to his job, he happens upon some information that would be better left alone. Mark however goes looking for trouble and unfortunately stumbles upon it. Mark is apparently the only innocent person in the town of Eden. Even a friendly waitress at the town diner is a wanted woman. The dynamic of Eden is an interesting one with numerous possibilities for the story going forward. Mark, as a lead for the story, adds depth and instantly becomes a likable hero.

The art here is well done. The character models are mostly even and everything looks as it should.

This was a successful #1 and something I look forward to exploring. The all important potential is here and Postal is a winner.

My pull list 02/04/2015

This will be officially my biggest week since I started actively buying weekly comics. I’ve got a brand new book I’m really excited for and a couple of my favorite monthly books. Plus my kids are excited because the next Star Wars releases.

The Humans #4: I’m surprised how much depth this comic has. Johnny’s story is emotional without ever feeling sappy. There is still lots of insane comical moments in between these pages but I was pleasantly surprised how much substance there is to this book. The one big question I had was will there be actual humans or did actual humans even exist? We officially got that answer in the last book as we saw how the “skins” are treated. We should get a deeper look into that this week and I’m looking forward to that angle of the story.

Lady Killer #2: I loved the first issue and especially the art. I think this will be a fun ride with several dynamics to explore. Josie’s family balance (and especially that pesky mother in law) and work expectations should provide an entertaining series. This is one that I hope gets a follow up after its initial limited run is over.

Postal #1: This is a series I have high hopes for. I was really exited for this one and added it to my pull as soon as it was announced. There is a town that is set up as a safe haven for criminals with one rule. That one rule is no crime can be committed in the city. The town flies under the radar and will do anything possible to ensure that it stays that way. Someone was murdered within the city limits that brings in the outside authority.Lots of promise and I really hope this one delivers.

Star Wars #2: I was surprised how good the first issue was. This one has the added bonus of being good enough for me to enjoy but still appropriate for my kids. My kids really enjoyed the first issue and have been asking when the next one would release. The first episode was so good that I’m going to pick up Darth Vader next week. i was originally planning on trade waiting but now I’m excited to see what they do with it.

Wytches #4: This has been a good book with an interesting story. Charlie will be on a mission to save his daughter. We found out more about the wytches last episode and they’re creepy. Needle in the nipple?? Need I say more?

United States of Murder Inc #6: This was one of my favorite series from last year. I voted for this as my favorite on a couple of sites. I love mob stories and love the alternate reality this one takes place in. One thing I don’t love is the long gap in between issues 5 and 6. Issue 5 left on a huge cliff hanger and the wait was painful. The writer, Bendis, had a new TV show to make so it’s all understandable but still, the wait was brutal. A month between chapters is bad enough on a series you really like. A wait of 4 or so months is almost unfair. With all of that said, this is the comic I’m the most excited about tomorrow.

I’ll be back later this week with a review of Postal and maybe a couple of the other titles. I always like to review new number ones.

Have a great week and enjoy your comics.

Effigy #1


Effigy was another book that I was on the fence about it. I liked the theme but it seemed like it would be a little on the cheesy side. I was mostly right but there’s enough promise that I’ll return for a 2nd issue. A child TV star is all grown up and working as a police officer after being typecast from her role as a space police detective. The first few pages show us her role in a super cheesy kids space show. It did capture the amount of sillyness that some of the kids shows of the 80’s and 90’s were known for. Think Power Rangers and you’ll get an idea. Fast forward to present times and our main lead, Chondra, is trying to make it as a real police woman in her home town of Effigy mounds. The town remembers her star days however and her apparent hollywood attitdue that came with it. She’s not exactly a town favorite as she wanders around writing tickets all day. Most of this issue sets up Chondra’s back story and setting the table for where she is at this place and time. The last few pages set up where the story will go from here after Chondra is called to a murder scene.

The art here is ok. It’s a simple style and drawn more as a kids style comic book versus the mature themed story we’re getting. Some of the art is un-even and the character models seem off at times. Chondra seems attractive in some panels and very boyish and blocky in others. It’s not enough to keep me from returning but I’m not a fan of the art direction.

Off topic; Vertigo books always feel so cheap in my hands. They definitely use cheap paper and there is a noticeable drop in quality from most of the other books in my pull. Image does a great job with their paper choices for example. Between the cheap feel and the ads it does make me want to trade wait most Vertigo books.

This is a $2.99 book and I’m much more forgiving with the cheaper books. It’s only a dollar but that dollar really adds up when buying several books a month. If this was a $3.99 book I’d probably trade wait it but at $2.99 I’ll be back for issue 2. There’s definitely enough of a story here that I’m intrigued but not enough that I’m sure I’ll stick around for the long haul.