My pull list 02/18/15

I have 4 books this week.

Bitch Planet #3

This is a book that i’m not really sure about it. It’s been a little heavy handed with its agenda and I don’t like overly preachy books. It’s message isn’t unimportant but it can really break my focus when you’re constantly being reminded that there is a greater point to the story. There is a fine art to this type of storytelling and Bitch Planet has not nailed it yet.

Eternal #2

I picked up the first issue on a slow week in December. I liked the cover and it was only a 4 issue mini series. If this had been a ongoing I wouldn’t have picked it up but it was worth a flyer for only 4 issues. Most of the world is now clones and the last remaining “pures” are being sought after. It’s interesting even though Sci Fi is out of my normal comfort zone.

Goners #5

I need to go back and read #4 again because I was a little confused after finishing the comic. It was a weird issue and I was lost during part of it. This is another book picked up on a slow week and it would be on the top of my cut list if I decided to drop any books.

Kitchen #4

This will be my favorite book on my list this week. I like the story and now that the men are coming back it could get really interesting. This is an 8 issue mini series and I’ve really enjoyed this one so far.

Have a great week and enjoy your comics.


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