Men of Wrath #5

Men of Wrath has been a really good ride. A brutal no holds barred book where anything and everything was on the table. Killing kids and babies? Yeah, you can check those off of the list. The story was a gritty one and while there were no good guys to really cheer for I wanted to see Ira’s son put an end to the Rath Family curse.

There’s a lot here as you can imagine and I feel like to say too much would be to spoil the final book. Things wrap up nicely but it does all feel a little anticlimactic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine ending and I really liked the surprise of the final scene. If you’ve enjoyed this book I’m sure you’ll walk away happy enough with the ending.

So that’s it. You can put this chapter to rest. I’m sure we’ll see more Men of Wrath in the future. I read an interview with Jason Aaron and he said he’d be open for more down the road. I’m not exactly sure where he could take it but I’d definitely be ready for another go around.If you haven’t been reading this book then do yourself a favor and pick up the trades when they’re released.

**** 4 stars


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