Plunder #1

Pirates!! AAARRRGGGG!!! Shiver me Tim…..wait?!? Not those kind of pirates?

We follow a clan of Somali pirates as they attempt to over take a ship. A ghost ship? A recently abandoned ship?  The mystery unfolds with each page turn. The main protagonist is a young kid named “Translator”. He doesn’t really seem to fit in with the pirates and he take a lot of abuse when he fails to pull the trigger in a fight early on. The pirates here have strange nicknames such as “Internet” and Dead Tooth”. The colorful nicknames were a little jarring at first and took me a few pages to learn who everyone was.

I love the feel of this book. It really has the vibe of a golden age horror book before the comics seal watered everything down. There is lots of blood. Lots of gore. It’s good to see the art work isn’t watered down. If you like some blood with your horror you’ll like this book.

The actual art is decent and you probably won’t love it or hate it. It gets the job done and isn’t lacking.

This issue released with a very sturdy cover. It’s almost more of a card stock instead of the usual paper. I love when comics ship with higher paper quality and the cover was nice for something different. Issue 2 releases today so it’s a perfect time to jump into this 4 part mini series.



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