Postal #1

4 star ****

Postal follows the story of a mailman with aspergers in a town that is inhabited by criminals. Eden is a town where the bad people go to start fresh. No crime is allowed in their borders and offenders are punished harshly. Mark, the fore mentioned postman, is a well intending man who would probably be better served keeping out of other people’s business but his disease makes that hard for him. Due to his job, he happens upon some information that would be better left alone. Mark however goes looking for trouble and unfortunately stumbles upon it. Mark is apparently the only innocent person in the town of Eden. Even a friendly waitress at the town diner is a wanted woman. The dynamic of Eden is an interesting one with numerous possibilities for the story going forward. Mark, as a lead for the story, adds depth and instantly becomes a likable hero.

The art here is well done. The character models are mostly even and everything looks as it should.

This was a successful #1 and something I look forward to exploring. The all important potential is here and Postal is a winner.


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