My pull list 02/04/2015

This will be officially my biggest week since I started actively buying weekly comics. I’ve got a brand new book I’m really excited for and a couple of my favorite monthly books. Plus my kids are excited because the next Star Wars releases.

The Humans #4: I’m surprised how much depth this comic has. Johnny’s story is emotional without ever feeling sappy. There is still lots of insane comical moments in between these pages but I was pleasantly surprised how much substance there is to this book. The one big question I had was will there be actual humans or did actual humans even exist? We officially got that answer in the last book as we saw how the “skins” are treated. We should get a deeper look into that this week and I’m looking forward to that angle of the story.

Lady Killer #2: I loved the first issue and especially the art. I think this will be a fun ride with several dynamics to explore. Josie’s family balance (and especially that pesky mother in law) and work expectations should provide an entertaining series. This is one that I hope gets a follow up after its initial limited run is over.

Postal #1: This is a series I have high hopes for. I was really exited for this one and added it to my pull as soon as it was announced. There is a town that is set up as a safe haven for criminals with one rule. That one rule is no crime can be committed in the city. The town flies under the radar and will do anything possible to ensure that it stays that way. Someone was murdered within the city limits that brings in the outside authority.Lots of promise and I really hope this one delivers.

Star Wars #2: I was surprised how good the first issue was. This one has the added bonus of being good enough for me to enjoy but still appropriate for my kids. My kids really enjoyed the first issue and have been asking when the next one would release. The first episode was so good that I’m going to pick up Darth Vader next week. i was originally planning on trade waiting but now I’m excited to see what they do with it.

Wytches #4: This has been a good book with an interesting story. Charlie will be on a mission to save his daughter. We found out more about the wytches last episode and they’re creepy. Needle in the nipple?? Need I say more?

United States of Murder Inc #6: This was one of my favorite series from last year. I voted for this as my favorite on a couple of sites. I love mob stories and love the alternate reality this one takes place in. One thing I don’t love is the long gap in between issues 5 and 6. Issue 5 left on a huge cliff hanger and the wait was painful. The writer, Bendis, had a new TV show to make so it’s all understandable but still, the wait was brutal. A month between chapters is bad enough on a series you really like. A wait of 4 or so months is almost unfair. With all of that said, this is the comic I’m the most excited about tomorrow.

I’ll be back later this week with a review of Postal and maybe a couple of the other titles. I always like to review new number ones.

Have a great week and enjoy your comics.


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