Effigy #1


Effigy was another book that I was on the fence about it. I liked the theme but it seemed like it would be a little on the cheesy side. I was mostly right but there’s enough promise that I’ll return for a 2nd issue. A child TV star is all grown up and working as a police officer after being typecast from her role as a space police detective. The first few pages show us her role in a super cheesy kids space show. It did capture the amount of sillyness that some of the kids shows of the 80’s and 90’s were known for. Think Power Rangers and you’ll get an idea. Fast forward to present times and our main lead, Chondra, is trying to make it as a real police woman in her home town of Effigy mounds. The town remembers her star days however and her apparent hollywood attitdue that came with it. She’s not exactly a town favorite as she wanders around writing tickets all day. Most of this issue sets up Chondra’s back story and setting the table for where she is at this place and time. The last few pages set up where the story will go from here after Chondra is called to a murder scene.

The art here is ok. It’s a simple style and drawn more as a kids style comic book versus the mature themed story we’re getting. Some of the art is un-even and the character models seem off at times. Chondra seems attractive in some panels and very boyish and blocky in others. It’s not enough to keep me from returning but I’m not a fan of the art direction.

Off topic; Vertigo books always feel so cheap in my hands. They definitely use cheap paper and there is a noticeable drop in quality from most of the other books in my pull. Image does a great job with their paper choices for example. Between the cheap feel and the ads it does make me want to trade wait most Vertigo books.

This is a $2.99 book and I’m much more forgiving with the cheaper books. It’s only a dollar but that dollar really adds up when buying several books a month. If this was a $3.99 book I’d probably trade wait it but at $2.99 I’ll be back for issue 2. There’s definitely enough of a story here that I’m intrigued but not enough that I’m sure I’ll stick around for the long haul.


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