My pull list 1-28-15

I had just one title in my pull list and one title only. It was supposed to have been Bitch Planet #2. I’ve been missing one title every week for the last several and this week it was my one and only book. Diamond shorting my local comic show is an on going weely problem. It’s gotten to the point where I never know exactly what will be waiting for me. Last week it was Goners, the week before it was Men of Wrath. It has honestly been several weeks without a shorted book. Next week should be a larger pull week for me so we’ll see what’s there and what’s not.

Bitch Planet #1 was pretty decent and I loved the tag line “non compliant”. The issue was a little on the preachy side however so I was curious to see how this issue panned out. The first issue sold out and was hard to get but i’m being promised that i’ll get a first printing copy of this issue, i’m holding my breath.

One title that I hadn’t added to my pull list and had really been on the fence about was the “Dying and the Dead”. My shop had one copy of that left so I decided to take a chance on it. It’s a 60 page book with a slightly inflated price of $4.50. I don’t mind playing a little extra for the over-sized books and I really like when new books ship out over-sized. It should give them plenty of room to flesh out the story. I’ll be back later this week with a review of the issue.

Have a great week and enjoy your comics.


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