Star Wars #1 review

***** 5 stars

Star Wars is a huge franchise and Marvel’s sales numbers prove that it’s as big as ever. Star Wars #1 was the best selling comic in years and sold over a million copies. Very impressive numbers in today’s market. The amazing thing is that all of the attention is warranted. This is a great comic from cover to cover.

Taking place in between episodes IV & V, we’ll follow what happened after the rebels destruction of the Death Star. In this issue we see the main cast of characters land on a moon to negotiate a business deal with the Empire.The story expands from there to an exciting conclusion. Jason Aaron has done a fantastic job of bringing the personalty of the characters out. Han Solo especially is well done with his “snarky” comical attitude. C-3PO even has some great lines. This book is really firing on all cylinders and any fan of the original movies will love this comic.

The art is another stand out feature. It captures the spirit of the original trilogy and the character models are fantastic. You’ll instantly recognize all of your favorite heroes and villains. They have done a really great job.

The “expanded universe” of Star Wars was an absolute mess. It was impossible for new fans to easily jump in and was extremely confusing for the casual fan. Marvel has reset everything and made an easily recognizable entry point for people to jump in. If you’re a casual fan or a super hard core Star Wars nerd you’ll be happy with this first effort. I hope that they can continue to deliver the quality that was served up here.

A quick word on page counts and what they call an over sized issue. This is supposedly a 48 page over sized issue. They are charging an extra dollar for their effort and on the surface it seems worthwhile. However…..There are 2 wordless previews for the upcoming Darth Vader and Princess Leia comics that take up 4 or so pages. There are also a few ads thrown in the mix. While this was a great read, the actual story didn’t seem any longer than a normal. The following issues will be priced at the regular $3.99 price point.

I whole heartily recommend this book and was surprised at just how much I liked it. I liked it so much that I’ll probably be picking up Darth Vader in February. How else could I end this post except by saying “may the force be with you”.


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