My pull list 1/14/15

A few weeks ago this was projected to be the busiest week in a long time for me. I was supposed to have nearly half of my books releasing. With the ever changing release dates (seriously, you can’t count on any book releasing on time until about 2 weeks out) I’m left with 2 books.

  1. Star Wars#1
  2. Deep State#3

Star Wars#1:

I’m a Star Wars fan but I’m no where near the fanatical super fan that the series has created. I’ve never followed or read any of the EU opting only for the official movies and cartoon series (Rebels and Clone Wars) only. I was on the fence about this title. I don’t particularly care for ads in my comic books and I hate the way the big 2 have their stories branch out into other books that require constant purchasing to keep up with the story. I was afraid Leia and Darth Vader would be required reading for the original Star Wars book to make sense. I’m still not 100% sure how this will go but it appears as if the stories will play off of each other but you won’t need all 3 books for a coherent narrative. I still may pick up the other 2 but I’m attempting to show a little restraint and get them in trade later in the year. If I have a slow week on Vader’s or Leia’s release I might give in. This will mark my first official Marvel book I’ve bought. The early reviews are out and they’re all glowingly positive so I’m curious to see how the series plays out for awhile.

Deep State #3

I’m in a bit of a bind with the Deep State series. My local shop said they were shorted on issue number 2 of this series and didn’t receive any copies. Initially they told me they would get some later in the week but they still haven’t received the issue a month later. I’m pretty sure I know what really happened to my issue. It appears Deep State was a bit of a surprise hit for Boom! comics. The rights were immediately sold for a possible TV show and the first issue sold out. I had grabbed my copy off the shelf at my original comic shop. I opened my pull at my new comic shop and had told them I just wanted issue number 2 but I wasn’t sure if I was going to continually pick up the series monthly. My notifying my new shop of my plans to buy issue number 2 were probably too late for them to get in on the initial ordering. Deep State #2 is also a sell out and my shop received no copies. They kept promising they would get me the issue but I already kind of knew that I wasn’t going to be getting it until the 2nd printing. The 2nd printing is supposed to release next week (1/21). So this week I’ll probably be getting issue #3 before ever having a chance to read issue #2. Kind of a frustrating situation for me. I usually don’t follow 2nd printings but it seems like poor planning on Boom’s part to not have the re-print on the shelves before the next issue releases. If you have a new reader looking at the series, they’ll probably pick up the re-prints of #1 and #2 along with #3 but what do I know.

I’ll be back later this week with a review of Star Wars. Enjoy your comics!


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