The Fade out #4 review

***** 5 stars

The Fade Out universe is a complex and multi-layered universe. So complex that after 4 issues, we still don’t know anything. There was the murder of a movie star, but we’re no closer to realizing Charlie’s innocence or guilt. 4 issues later we’re still in the dark about a lot of things that have unraveled in our short time with Brubaker and Phillip’s work. The Fade Out is like an onion. Every time you peel a layer, there’s another layer waiting for you. Brubaker seems to be in no hurry to peel the onion. Part of me is honestly frustrated by the slow nature of the story. It’s hard to find fault however because the Fade Out world is so expertly constructed that you’re memorized with each moment you’re transported to Brubaker and Phillip’s Los Angeles. I’ve had a feeling that this story might have read better collected but after 4 issues, the story is larger and none of the mysteries are any closer to being solved. Instead we’re actually farther away from understanding anything that has happened. They’re calling this the end of the first arc. However, it’s hard for me to actually call this the end of anything since nothing has really been explained. Buyers of the first trade might actually find themselves frustrated at having to wait another 6 months after being left with the conclusion of nothing.

This issue dives deep into Charlies mentality. We start to understand his blackouts and what makes him such a complex character. By the end of this issue there is more intrigue and more questions. We’ll wait another month for the next issue but I don’t expect any answers. I’m past that.

The Fade Out is a brilliant display of art and story that have come together to round out an amazing comic. Each issue is worth every penny of the $3.50 they ask and I look forward to each and every moment I spend in the world. The art compliments the story and and and….What else can I say? The Fade Out is a beautiful creation and one you shouldn’t miss.


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