My pull list 1/7/15

Tomorrow is a good day for me. A couple of my favorite books are releasing along with a new title i’m really excited about.

  1. The Fade Out #4
  2. Humans #3
  3. Men of Wrath #4
  4. Lady Killer #1

The Fade Out is one of the best comics going right now. It’s such a deep story with so many elements involved. The story is being expertly told and the world building is truly outstanding. We learn more about Charlie in this issue and hopefully some more about what happened to the murdered movie star. My only critique of this series is how slow it is. Very rarely do I feel like something might read better collected. This is one of those instances. The story unfolds very slowly and methodically. I always want more after an issue is completed. When the book missed its December ship date I was truly saddened knowing I’d have to wait an extra month for another issue.

The Humans was a title I was on the fence about after its first issue. I wasn’t really sure that there was a compelling story to be told. A bunch of crazy apes partying month to month didn’t really seem like it could hold my attention. Issues 2 & 3 really filled out the story with the introduction of Johnny however. There’s a whole lot more here than I initially thought. This issue will explore more of Johnny and the trials of the war.

Men of Wrath has only 2 issues left. #4 of the 5 issue run will have father and son battle it out one more time. This story has been so intriguing. The premise of evil being passed down from generation to generation has a lot of real world implications. So much of who we become are based off of our upbringing. We’re seeing the tug of war here of a son trying to break the curse that has haunted his family for generations. I’ve enjoyed Men of Wrath a lot and i’m sad to see it go. I just ordered the Southern Bastards trade so hopefully I can keep getting a taste of the Brutal South after Men of Wrath concludes.

The new series i’m looking forward to the most in 2015 is Lady Killer. Thankfully this book was solicited earlier in the year. I have really high hopes for this title. The art looks fantastic. The attention to details and the coloring look amazing. I loved the gritty look at what is often remembered as a squeaky clean era. The premise for this series involves an everyday housewife, who just happens to be a hit woman.  Squeaky clean wife and mom by day and murderer for pay by night. I believe this is supposed to be an 8 issue mini series but it’s not being solicited that way. Apparently in an attempt to thwart trade waiters, some mini series are trying to hide the fact that they’re limited runs. Since I have to budget out my comic buying I like to know if a series will be ongoing or a mini series. I’m more likely to add a book to my pull knowing it will only be there for 4-8 months. I take more chances on mini series knowing that they won’t be taking up resources for years to come. Either way, I’m looking forward to Lady Killer and would have added this to my pull for no matter how many issues it was going to run.

Like I said, a good week for my pull. This is the most solid week i’ve had in awhile and i’m looking forward to my weekly comic addiction. There are rumors of possible weather related delays this week according to Hopefully most shops get their orders on time.


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