Wytches #1

4 Stars ****

This was a book that I originally read the solicitation and decided I wasn’t going to pick up. I then read how great the first issue was and then the 2nd….and then the 3rd. I still resisted. I love horror but I’m not really into the supernatural or monster stories. My pull list was empty this week and I was happily going to take the week off and save some cash. but…but…but….I couldn’t help myself. These issues have been in high demand and I really didn’t think you could find issue number 1 anymore. I decided to call my comic shop just to see if they had all 3 issues in stock. I hear an “I doubt it, but let me check”. Following with an “Actually we do”. I said I’d be right up and he told me he would hold them for me. Enough rambling……

Wytches isn’t a story about stereotypical witches. No broom sticks or cheesy pointy hats. They’re more mythological type creatures with powers granted to them from the dark side. This first issue follows a family that has just moved after a tragic accident. They’re looking for a fresh start after their daughter was involved in a tragedy. Was the daughter to blame? Where there other mysterious forces at work? We don’t get a full answer by the end of this issue, but we’re instead left with some intriguing possibilities and questions. This first issues focuses more on the family instead of the actual “wytches”.

The art is decent but it isn’t fantastic. It does a good job of being creepy when it needs to be and more relaxed in the lighter scenes.

This was a solid first issue. I wish I would have learned more about the actual wytches but that will have to wait until issue #2. I’d strongly recommend this title and it looks like another worthy addition to my pull list.


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