No pulls for me this week

This is the rare week in a month that I don’t have any pulls. Next week will be a more expensive one so I should be grateful. I did find myself going through the list of new releases looking for any new series I might pick up but nothing really caught my eye.

I did take this opportunity to order Southern Bastards in trade paperback. It’s showing up in a lot of people’s “best of 2014 list”. I’ve been pulling Men of Wrath which is by the same writer (and in the same vein). Men of Wrath has been really good so i’m sure i’ll love Southern Bastards.

I have a few other trades i’m really interested in. I recently picked up the first Volume of Revival. I’ll be picking up the next volumes over the next handful of months. I really enjoyed the first book and i’m excited to see how the series unfolds. I pre-ordered the deluxe hardcover of Scalped. I keep hearing how great that series was. I decided to go ahead and give it a chance and the hardcover was priced low enough on Amazon to tempt me to grab it. I also pre-ordered the reprint of volume one of Criminal. I’ve been loving The Fade out and it’s by the same creator so it seemed like a no brainer. I had actually looked at starting the series a few months ago but the first volume was out of print. You could pick up used copies cheap enough but I decided to pass on it. Then I heard it was being reprinted by the new publisher, so it has been ordered. The brand new criminal one shot is being released in January. I’m going to go ahead and order that and then sit on it until I get caught up with the Criminal series.

That’s all I can think of this week. Next week will be a busy and expensive week. I’ll be back to share my thoughts and what i’m pulling.

Happy New Year!


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