Bitch Planet #1

**** 4 Stars

Bitch Planet received a lot of press and hype around the comic book world. This was a hot title going into the week it was released. I had added this to my pull around a month before its release date but my shop informed me that they were going to be shorted on the title and they couldn’t make me any promises. I waltzed into my comic shop that Wednesday and was informed that he snagged me the last copy. If I understood him right, the shop only received 2 copies.

This was a decent issue number one with story building and a little intrigue that unravels over the 32 or so pages. There is a planet in space that acts as a jail for the “non compliant” woman of the world. What exactly does it take to become non compliant? It doesn’t appear to be much, just the word of a man might be enough to send you away. We follow a few main characters and their arrival to this space jail nicknamed Bitch Planet. Some are better equipped to handle their new home and others are the proverbial “fresh meat”. It is an interesting enough concept and one that I think is worth sticking around for. Hopefully getting issue #2 won’t be too hard as Image should now be prepared to send out enough copies.

At face value, the story is compelling. The implications for our society are sobering. What happens in a police state where it doesn’t really matter if you are innocent or not? However, this book comes with an agenda and a heavy one at that. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions but the authors are not messing around and are making it plainly obvious that they have a point. In case the obvious points being made are not so obvious, there is an essay included in the back of the book that spells out very bluntly what the actual meaning of Bitch Planet really is. Your story and art should speak for itself. Unless you think you’ve failed at your task, you should need nothing else. No educational essay, no heavy hammer making sure the reader wasn’t too stupid to get it. I think the best lesson is the one where the reader comes to the conclusion on their own.


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