Wednesday’s pull list 12.23.14

I only have one book in my pull list for Wednesday. I’ll be heading to my favorite local comic shop to pick up Grindhouse #2. The first issue was only so so. I don’t have a review on this blog but it was probably a 3 star book. I haven’t read anything from last years Grindhouse series (I’ll pick up the trades sometime soon) but I’ve always had a soft spot for the grindhouse/explotation genre. The story arcs are supposed to be 2 issues each with a different genre for each arc. Books 1 and 2 are following a group of killers as they move their way through a rural town spreading Christmas….cheer…..

I’m still waiting for my comic shop to sort out an issue with Deep state #2. They were apparently shorted on the title and received exactly 0 copies of it. I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle that the order was fulfilled and I’ll have my copy waiting for me but I doubt it.  From what I’ve read around the internet, the 2nd book sold out before it was shipped. I’m guessing if my shop didn’t receive any copies that means I’ll have to wait for the 2nd printing.  This was a hot title that was optioned for a possible TV show right around the time that the first issue was released. As with Grindhouse, the first issue was a so-so book but I think the premise is exciting enough to stick around for a few issues to see how it unfolds.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. January will see an increase in my weekly pull list books. December has been a slow month for me. I’ve actually picked up a couple books this month that I would have normally skipped but gave a chance due to my lack of regular books. I picked up the first 3 issues of “Goners” last week. Thankfully the shop still had the first 2 back issues in stock. The week before I picked up a new #1 entitled “Eternals”. It’s only a 4 issue mini series so I went ahead and added that book to my Pull. So a slow month gave me a chance to check out some new titles, so some good came out of it.


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