The Humans #1

3 Stars ***

I was turned off of the Humans because of those monkeys. If this book had featured actual humans I would have added this to my pull list months ago. But it features….monkeys?? Curiosity finally got the best of me and I picked up issue number 1 from my local comic shop.

The story follows a gang of biker apes in a world that seemingly is void of real humans. The book is raunchy and funny. There is plenty of naked monkeys in this issue. It’s funny, if actual people were involved, the art probably would have been toned down. Replace people with cartoon monkeys and let the penises fly! It’s an entertaining read but my only issue is there isn’t much of an actual story here. You see the apes attending a funeral for a fallen brother and engaging in a gang fight but that’s about it. There’s nothing here to really hook you. No engrossing story that leaves you wanting more. There’s a light cliffhanger at the very end of the comic that sets up issue 2 but I don’t know if it’s enough to keep me coming back. The first book in this series seems like it would have been better suited as a later issue. Maybe after we already know and love (or hate) these characters?

The true stand out of this new book is the art. The art is absolutely amazing. There are so many little things in the panels that I found myself taking a lot longer than usual to go over every corner of a page. The colors are perfect and really set up the 1970’s vibe the book is going for. I loved some of the little touches like the Image “I” on the cover has an added % sign (signifying the 1% logo that some biker gangs use). There’s a lot of good stuff happening in the art department.

This book can best be described as Planet of the Apes meets Sons of Anarchy. It’s definitely more of a fun ride versus the serious tone that Sons has. I’ll see where this book goes but if a story line doesn’t grip me soon i’ll probably drop this title.


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