Kitchen #1

The first episode of “The Kitchen” sets up the story of 3 criminal’s wives and their struggle to survive while their husbands are sent away to do time.

It turns out times are tough for a gangster’s family when they finally have to do hard time. One of our 3 female protagonists takes it upon herself to keep collecting protection money due her husband while he’s away. The other 2 wives appear to go back to life as usual and keep up with their more normal domestic duties. When money gets tight however it doesn’t take much arm wringing to talk everyone into stepping into the life of crime. The problem is, no one respects the ladies. Payouts are short if they’re paid at all. How this will be handled is the base of the story and our launching pad for this new series.

The art here is absolutely fantastic. The world screams 1970’s. The style of the buildings, the clothes, to the furnishings. It’s all very well done. The art is a definite strong point to the book.

The story has potential and if the summary sounds like something you’d be interested in, jump in now. This is a mini-series scheduled for 8 issues. This is one of those titles that screams eventual movie, i’m excited to watch the drama unfold over the next year.


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