Deep State #1 review

Deep State tackles a familiar subject but a familiar subject that has kept people engrossed for years. What if the conspiracy theories were true? What if there really were men in black out their keeping the truth from the masses?

The first half of the book sets up the background for the “men in black”. The 2nd sets up the first story arc for the series. Do we know everything about the first moon landing? This isn’t your typical “the landings were faked” story. It has a hint of horror that ties the sci-fi angle together nicely. Fans of the X-Files will be at home here.

The art work is OK but there’s just something off about it. It’s certainly not bad and it doesn’t distract from the story but the character models are off just slightly. The art won’t keep you away but it won’t be enough to bring you back either.

While this first episode is a launching pad for the series, where it goes from here will depend on whether or not I add it to my pull list. It has promise but i’m not sure it can deliver. There wasn’t enough here to completely hook me. I will be picking up book #2 when it releases to see where the story goes. The story has been told several times before but can the book deliver enough of a hook to keep this title as a must buy?


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