A look at my pull list

I walked into a comic store to add 2 titles to my pull list. “The Fade Out” and “United States of Murder Inc”. I assumed i’d read these 2 books and continue to occasionally buy the walking dead trades and i’d be content. I quickly realized just how long a month is. A normal sized comic takes me around 20 minutes to read. With around 40 minutes of reading time and at least 29 days until the next issue, I realized I had a problem. I found some more titles that I was interested in and bought them off of the rack. Comics were getting expensive.

The store I had been visiting was roughly 30 minutes from my house. It was inconvenient. I found out, almost by accident, that a brand new store had opened less than 10 minutes from where I live. They also offered a 10% discount on any title from my pull list. No more paying full price for me! I set up a pull list from the new store and officially added all of the titles that I had started reading. My pull list is currently at 12 titles (including comics I’ve pre-ordered).

  1. The Fade Out
  2. United States of Murder Inc
  3. Men of Wrath
  4. Deep State
  5. Grindhouse
  6. The Kitchen
  7. The Humans
  8. Lady Killer
  9. Star Wars
  10. Postal
  11. Eternal
  12. Goners

I’m on a budget and have questioned just how I let my pull list grow so fast. The March solicitations have just released and I see another couple of books that i’m interested in. I think one book Image’s “Big Man Plans” will make the pull list. There are so many other books that I see that I want. I have to tread carefully however. At $3-4 a book, things add up fast. I’ve seen people publish their pull lists across the web. My list is absolutely tiny compared to some that I’ve seen. It’s not uncommon to find people pulling double the amount of books…..and that’s just one week for them! I’m going to attempt to keep my list around $30 a month. That SHOULD allow me to fly under the radar of my wife before I get the “you’re spending too much money” talk.


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