My Comic beginnings

I never really took up an interest in comics as a kid. I came from a family without a lot of money and buying the books monthly wasn’t an option for me. I remember buying a couple of books here and there but never experiencing the conclusion turned me off from the medium.

Fast forward to the year 2004 and I wandered into a comic shop for the first time in my life. I had been a huge fan of the “Tales From the Crypt” HBO show. I always knew that the stories were adapted from the comics medium but wasn’t really familiar with the notorious books from EC. I started researching the series online. The books by this point were collector issues and were being sold at a premium. There were reprints but they weren’t easily attainable.I scoured Ebay and bought a handful of the reprints but there was no way to collect the entire series easily (or more importantly cheaply, even the reprints were being sold at slightly higher than face value prices).

It was at this point that I wandered into a local comic shop. I figured there had to be new horror series that was current and readily available. According to the friendly clerk, I was wrong. There wasn’t really any series that mimicked the crime and murder of the original “Tales From the Crypt”. He sold me 2 issues of a series dealing with ghosts but they weren’t very good and they were not was I was looking for.

After a little research on my own I found a brand new series “The Walking Dead”. I wandered back into the same shop and purchased the trade paperback of Vol. 1. It’s funny, but at the time, I had no clue that this was an actual series of monthly comics. I thought it was published in graphic novel form. I loved the book. Vol 2 was just released at the time and I ran back to purchase that book as well. For several years, “The Walking Dead” was the only comic or graphic novel I read. I don’t know why but I never explored the medium any further.

Fast forward to September of 2014 and I started looking into comics again. I decided to wander back into a comic shop for the first time in years (I bought roughly the first 4 volumes of “The Walking Dead” at a local comic shop. After that I discovered Amazon and their discounts on the series and never walked back into that original comic shop again…I know, I know, so much for loyalty and supporting local businesses…I’m not proud). I found a series that I wanted to start “United States of Murder Inc”. I bought all of the back issues (4 at the time) and was recommended a brand new series entitled “The Fade Out”. I bought my 5 books and was on my way home. I was hooked. I loved those books.

At the time of this writing, it’s December of 2014.  Those 2 books have ballooned into 12 titles on my pull list. The list is only at 12 because i’m showing restraint. Like I said, I’m hooked.


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